Treat Workers Right

      Did you know, according to the Bureau of  Labor Statistics in 2014 -2015 there were a combined  total of 9,657 workers died on their jobs? There were approximately 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in U.S.A.

    This book will inform you on:

(1)   How to navigate through the unfair system and prepare you for the worst.

(2)  How to proactively prepare you for life changing events including  job loss, financial setbacks and  disabilities you may encounter in your life.

(3)  Expose you to the principles I practiced  before the  near death experience that help me to survive,  now approaching six years in 2018 without a job. Imagine: being the bread-winner in your house-hold, you are unable to work almost six years  without  the  help of no one." What would you do for survival? Buy now by clicking the book or catalog button above the book.



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